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This week has been something crazy and I'm really too tired to write about it.  Just wanted to pop in and drop and iPod spoof.  Laters.

Today's iPod Spoof:

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iShot...on my birthday!!

It's officially my birthday!!!!

Today's iPod Spoof:

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Another Monday...another volleyball match...another loss.  We just can't seem to get our shit together.  We came very close to winning a game tonight, but managed to screw that up by not calling the ball and just letting the other team hit through us.  Sheesh.

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T-Minus 2 days until my birthday...

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Talk about a weekend of doing nothing.  The highlight had to be cleaning the apartment, which I only left twice this weekend...once yesterday to pick up a pizza and a movie and once today to hit the grocery store for lunch food for the week.  Wow, huh?  At least this week should perk up some.  Wifey and I are meeting with a buyer's agent on Tuesday night to start the process of looking for a house.  Should be exciting.  And with that I'm going to get to bed...5am come way too early.

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T-Minus 4 days until my birthday...

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It's amazing how fast the weeks are passing me by.  I had off Monday for MLK Jr. day so it was a short week, but I can't believe the weekend is here already.  I'm definitely going to sleep in this weekend...I'm feeling run down.  Nothing special happening this weekend...unlike last weekend where we had a game party Friday night, went to a poker party Saturday night and watched football all day Sunday.  This weekend will be mellow...just relaxing....yeah, I like the sound of that.

Today's iPod Spoof:

Have I mentioned that I love Linkin Park?  This spoof goes out to them...

T-Minus 5 days until my birthday...

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Where has the day gone?  I meant to get into bed about an hour ago because lack of sleep is catching up to me, but I'm still sitting here toiling away at the computer.  Just paid a few bills (online bill pay rocks!).  Thought maybe I should write a little something here about my truly non-eventful day...y'all probably could have done without it.

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T-Minus 6 days until my birthday...

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I got an iPod for Christmas and while searching the web for all things iPod I came across a whole mess of iPod spoof ads.  So my new theme is to post one a day until I run out of ads and then I'll have to find some other strange amusement for my 1 or 2 readers.   So to start this off I'm going to post my favorite ad.  Let me know what you think on my tag board.  Later.

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Today's site:

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Toot Toot

Troy's Mood:

Normally I don't like to toot my own horn, but today my manager nominated me for employee of the month and I just have to toot it a bit.  Check out what she wrote (names have been modified to protect the innocent):

I am nominating Troy ________ for Employee of the Month (for the 3rd time). He has been working for CyberTrader for 3 1/2 years and has an impeccable track record. Troy is practically famous for his ability to multi-task and develop solutions to complex problems. He exhibits every FERSTT value on a daily basis and the month of December was no exception.

Within a 30 day window Troy was able to accomplish the following things...

CyberTrader Blah
Created automated secure login for launching CyberTrader Blah
Completed work on chat log parser integration
Integrated CyberTrader Blah into existing systems for feedback, disclosures and beta testing
Project X 
Help design new ENAF flow and integration with Schwab
Led team in the development of the Project X ENAF
Added functionality allowing clients to update trading experience and view open margin calls
Bulk Email
Participated in evaluation and decision to purchase a software solution to help CyberTrader manage email bounce backs.

All in addition to his daily responsibilities...

Troy's work has positively impacted the way we do business and has improved our customer's on-line and electronic experiences. CyberTrader is lucky to have someone so able and dedicated. Thank you Troy for your tremendous efforts during an exceptionally trying time.

From Troy's clients:
"Troy _________ represents the best of what being a CyberTrader employee is all about. He is professional, smart, helpful, thoughtful, and speedy. While Troy is responsible for specific technological areas he doesn’t restrict his contribution to only those areas. More often than I can count this big picture view has been huge help to me. In my experiences Troy has come up with great solutions quickly and reliably. I would love to see Troy recognized for Employee of the month because I know that he puts his more than just a solid effort into his work, he genuinely cares about doing his best while looking for the right solution (even when it’s harder for him). Given his consistent results, the wide respect he enjoys, and the effort he puts in, he would be a deserving recipient. Besides, he would get to park in the nifty EOM parking spot and I know that would make him and his VW happy."

"Troy anticipates so many business issues and takes care of them in his development, making it a joy and very easy to work with him. He thinks carefully about what is best for the client and he always makes things happen. He has gone way above the call of duty for _____, and I know there is NO way we could launch this offer without him. Without his contributions to the account opening process, we would not be able to open accounts – and not just because of the code he has written but because of the business issues he has solved for us."

"My interaction with Troy has been in support of various CMSG Research initiatives and CT Live. Neither were high profile projects but in both cases he treated them as important because they involved content which touches our clients. He continually identified potential sticking points before they occurred and always provided me with suggested solutions when communicating issues. Lastly, as befitting someone working on the “web” team, Troy is fast with his turnaround. High quality work but delivered promptly. A great combination."

That is such an awesome nomination.  Needless to say it's been a good day.


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Do ostriches like to dance?

Troy's Mood:

A strange question, I know.  My opinion is that they do like to dance.  They don't have much else to do besides eat and run.  There has to be something for them to do between eating and running and I think it's dancing.  I'm gonna take a boom box down to the Snake Farm (exotic "zoo" outside San Antonio) and test my theory sometime.  Wheeeeeee

*that was an exhaustion induced bed I go

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Troy's Mood:

Tonight's mood is sponsored by a healthy ass whooping in our volleyball match tonight.  Nothing felt right...we couldn't pass...could barely hit...weren't anticipating where the ball was was just bad.  So now we are 1 and 2 with about 7 weeks to go.  Hopefully we can gel and start playing better as a team.  The first week we did alright and managed to get a win, but since then we've looked pretty bad.  Granted this week was the first week we've played in three weeks because of the holidays, but still.

Anyways, I went straight to volleyball from work so I have to grab a small bite to eat, take a shower and then get some sleep.  Later.


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